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Bryan Stanley

Bryan is a graduate student working with Dr. Katie Hinko in researching informal physics programs. He is an outreach coordinator for the graduate student organization WaMPS (Women and Minorities in the Physical Sciences), where he helps organize and collaborate with community partners for school visits and public events.

He hosts two podcasts. One is the Journeys of Scientists podcast that he hosts through WaMPS, which consists of informal conversations with graduate students from a variety of fields about their work, experiences that brought them to where they are today, life as a graduate student, and interests outside of school/work. He also hosts the My Journey as a Physicist podcast in collaboration with MSU physics professor Dr. Huey-Wen Lin. These are conversations with professional physicists from around the world to learn about their research, what go them interested in physics, obstacles they overcame, and what a typical day as a physicist looks like. They also provide tips and suggestions for students who may be interested in studying physics and becoming physicists.

In his free time, Bryan enjoys riding his bike, playing volleyball, watching racecars go vroom vroom, writing in the third person, and asking nonsense questions to new people he just met.

Bryan graduated from Colorado State University majoring in physics and minoring in mathematics and statistics.