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Shuly Kapon

Title: To Engagement and Beyond: Exploring Science Engagement Profiles and the Role of Extracurriculars in Shaping Identities Among Women of Color Engineers
Vicky Phun (she/her), Postdoctoral Researcher - Michigan State University

Wednesday, October 27, 2022 at 3:00pm on 1400 BPS and Zoom


The research seminar will be a two-in-one presentation focusing on Vicky’s prior work as a graduate student in providing an overview of dimensions and patterns of engagement in science, as well as her dissertation work examining extracurricular experiences in shaping the identities of women of color in engineering. First, she will provide an overview of dimensions of engagement and share about eight distinct, momentary engagement patterns found across science classrooms and STEM programs among middle and high school learners using the experience sampling method. In addition, she will share about supports for promoting a full engagement profile (high across all affective, behavioral, and cognitive engagement dimensions). Second, she will share about her dissertation of exploring the role of affinity groups, internships, and undergraduate research in shaping the identities of women of color in engineering using mixed-methods research. Exploring identity affinity groups, internships, and undergraduate research together and as examples of supporting gender, racial/ethnic, and engineering identity highlighted the importance for viewing these experiences as complementary.

Link: https://msu.zoom.us/j/96470703707
Password: PERSeminar