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Rachel Henderson

Rachel is a physics education researcher who leverages quantitative methodologies to study educational practices and assessment tools that can be used for improving learning for all students. As a member of the broader physics community, she is committed to providing fair and effective practices in order to increase the representation of women and other historically marginalized groups within the field of physics. Rachel is most interested in the connection between two lines of work, each with a lens to equity and inclusion: (1) developing the next generation of physics assessments and (2) the retention of STEM students from various backgrounds. Broadly, the research questions that she explores are the following: (1) What is the impact of physics assessments, that may or may not be inclusive, on student success? (2) How can we design and utilize our assessments to improve diversity and inclusion within the physics classroom? (3) How can we ensure that we are assessing our students in an equitable manner so that they can become successful career scientists?”