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Vashti Sawtelle & Angie Little appear in The Physics Teacher

PERL co-director Vashti Sawtelle and researcher Angie Little have been featured in the "Race and Physics Teaching" special collection of The Physics Teacher.

In the February 2016 issue of The Physics Teacher, we announced a call for papers1 on race and physics teaching. The response was muted at first, but has now grown to a respectable chorale-sized volume. As the manuscripts began to come in and the review process progressed, Geraldine Cochran graciously agreed to come on board as co-editor for this remarkable collection of papers, to be published throughout the fall of 2017 in TPT

Vashti Sawtelle along with colleagues Abigail Daane and Sierra Decker wrote about Teaching About Racial Equity in Introductory Physics Courses.

Angie Little along with colleagues Mel S. Sabella, Kristy L. Mardis, and Nicolette Sanders wrote about The Chi-Sci Scholars Program:Developing Community and Challenging Racially Inequitable Measures of Success at a Minority-Serving Institution on Chicago's Southside.


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