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Prof. Danny Caballero & team in Norway to develop Center for Computing in Science Education

Prof. Danny CaballeroPERL Co-Director Danny Caballero has partnered with a team led by Anders Malthe-Sørenssen, professor of physics at the University of Oslo, Norway to develop the Center for Computing in Science Education (CCSE), which is one of 4 projects recently awarded the prestigious status of Center for Excellence in Education in Norway

The center aims to become an international hub for the research-based integration of computational methods in science education. In partnership with students, the center plans to integrate computation throughout the whole curriculum, develop materials using research-based practices, help spread the integration of computation in science education to the broader community.

The team represents a large international collaboration that includes MSU's Prof. Morten Hjorth-Jensen and faculty from the University of Oslo including Ellen Karoline Henriksen (Physics), Cathrine Wahlstrøm Tellefsen (Physics), and Knut Mørken (Mathematics). Partner institutions include the University College of Southeastern Norway, Valler High School, and Michigan State University!

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