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PERL Undergrad Matt Ring helps create MSU Physics Education in Ghana Initiative

Undergraduate students Gabriel Moreau, Evan Brook, Dylan Smith, Aalayah Spencer, and Matt Ring have recently created the MSU Physics Education in Ghana Initiative in the Department of Physics and Astronomy under the guidance of Associate Professor Danny Caballero. This initiative started upon learning about the highly theoretical structure of high school physics education in many African countries due in part to the high cost of laboratory equipment.

The purpose of this initiative is to help Ghanaian high schools provide laboratory experiences to enrich student learning. To achieve this goal, the team has met with the Department of Education Abroad to establish contacts in Ghanaian universities and the Ministry of Education. Travel to Ghana is planned for May, with the purpose of the visit being to meet with contacts and better understand the needs of Ghanaian students. A return visit is planned for this Fall to begin implementing the initiative’s education program.

Funding has been acquired from a variety of sources, including the Year of Global Africa min-grant, Honors College Conference Travel Awards, and the Honors College Giving Back Competition. The NSCL, FRIB, and Department of Physics and Astronomy also matched some of the funding the students received. Total support for the project comes out to $9,200, which will help this project.

Way to go Matt!

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