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PERL Members Publish 10 PERC Papers

We're proud to announce that the PERL Team has contributed to 10 PERC Papers in 2017. Please see below for the complete list. Read all of the papers!


The Effect of Explicit Preparation in Pedagogical Modes for Informal Physics Educators

Michael B. Bennett, Kathleen A. Hinko, Brett Fiedler, and Noah D. Finkelstein



Examining Thematic Variation in a Phenomenographical Study on Computational Physics

Nathaniel Hawkins, Michael J. Obsniuk, Paul W. Irving, and Marcos D. Caballero



Applying a Racialized Physics Identity Framework for Black Women From Different Nationalities

Simone Hyater-Adams, Tamia Williams, Claudia Fracchiolla, Noah D. Finkelstein, and Kathleen A. Hinko



Understanding the PICUP community of practice

Paul W. Irving and Marcos D. Caballero



Guided and Unguided Student Reflections

Amanda Matheson, Laura A. Wood, Elizabeth Hane, and Scott V. Franklin



Using disciplinary perspectives to refine conceptions of the “real world”

Abhilash Nair, Paul W. Irving, and Vashti Sawtelle



Understanding life science majors’ ideas about diffusion

Samuel Tunstall, Abhilash Nair, Kathleen A. Hinko, Paul W. Irving, and Vashti Sawtelle



Investigating Physics Faculty’s Reasoning about Inequities in Undergraduate Physics Education

Chandra Turpen, Angela Little, and Vashti Sawtelle



Characterizing practices and resources for inclusive physics learning

Laura A. Wood and Amy D. Robertson



Models of Math Use in Non-Academic Workplace Settings

Nicholas T. Young, Brianna Santangelo, Kelly Norris Martin, Anna E. Leak, and Benjamin M. Zwickl




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Title: Physics educators’ equity framings beyond access and achievement

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