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PERL graduate student Abhilash Nair awarded S3 grant

Abhilash Nair Abhilash Nair, a second year physics PhD student, was awarded a $10,000 Science + Society @ State (S3) grant for his project, "Vital Signs: Bridging & Democratizing Physics." 


His project involves studying student usage of the IOLab, which is an inexpensive device that has 11 built-in sensors that can measure such phenomena as body movement, sound, and temperature. Mr. Nair and his collaborators, Profs. Vashti Sawtelle and Issac Record, will develop robust add-on devices that allow the IOLab to record electrocardiograms (ECG) and conduct pulmonary function tests (lung capacity and flow rate). The project aims to address several vital philosophical, ethical, and social concerns about using technology to collect data on the human body. These concerns invite students to deepen their understanding of the relationship between science and culture. Mr. Nair is the first graduate student team leader to be awarded an S3 grant.   

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