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PER Seminar

Title: PER in a post-truth era: whose science is being denied?
Katemari Rosa, Assistant Professor, Federal University of Bahia
Wednesday, December 9, 2020 at 3:00pm on Zoom

Abstract: In this talk, I bring reflections on the construction of this system of truths on which modern and contemporary science is grounded. Specifically, I discuss how science teaching, always guided by a White scientific logic that denies knowledge produced by Black bodies and positions itself in this negationist discussion of “otherness”. In times when the white science education community seems to be concerned with scientific negativism and the construction of narratives that deny the production of white science, I will argue this has always been the behavior they had with Black epistemologies and "foreign" knowledge. Finally, I would like us to, collectively, think of ways in which PER can change to address the erasure of non-eurocentric epistemologies.

Password: perseminar

Bio: Katemari Rosa is a professor at the Institute of Physics at the Federal University of Bahia. She coordinates a national project to map Black scientists in Brazil, is a member of the Sapa Cientista group (@LBsTem), and is an enthusiast of 3D printing and its various possibilities for making creative connections in the sciences.