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PER Seminar

Title: Supporting the development of emerging STEM education researchers
Mary Bridget Kustusch, Associate Professor, DePaul University
Wednesday, October 21, 2020 at 3:00pm on Zoom

Abstract: How does one become a STEM education researcher? As an explicitly interdisciplinary field, combining disciplinary expertise with education research theory and methodology, developing mastery in STEM education research is not straightforward. It can be particularly challenging for "boundary crossers" coming to education research after training in a more traditional STEM disciplinary area. This presentation explores the Professional development for Emerging Education Researchers (PEER) model for emerging researchers to learn the nuances of STEM education research in an experiential and community-based environment. In addition to discussing the goals, theoretical frameworks, and structure of PEER, this presentation will highlight current program outcomes and planned future growth supported by two new NSF Building Capacity for STEM Education Research (BCSER) grants.

Password: perseminar