PER Seminar

  • Oct 11, 2017
  • seminars

The Design of Physics Labs and Activities
Josh Von Korff, Department of Physics, Georgia State University

Expertly-designed physics labs and activities have played an important role in physics education research and physics instruction. These activities include Workshop Physics, RealTime Physics, the Investigative Science Learning Environment, Modeling Instruction, and more.  However, instructors often want to create their own activities.  In this case, it is useful to know how evidence-based activities were designed.  I will discuss several design principles, including the use of representations, the "revisiting" strategy, and the goals of design.  To gather data for this analysis I have interviewed the designers of the activities, analyzed publications by the designers as well as the activities themselves, and studied non-evidence-based activities for the purpose of comparison.

This seminar will be held in 1400 BPS from 3-4pm on October 11th.